The spokesman for Khalifa Haftar's forces Ahmed Al-Mismari said the support of the UN for the Presidential Council's government won't hinder their forces' advance on Tripoli.

Al-Mismari accused Friday forces loyal to the Presidential Council of targeting civilian houses but then contradicted himself by saying their forces are advancing under an air cover.

He also described the Presidential Council forces, which is internationally recognized, as criminal gangs, adding that funding them will prolong the fighting and cause more casualties.

Haftar's forces have been leading an offensive since April 04 in different southern Tripoli frontlines in an attempt to enter the capital, but they are being thwarted by Libyan Army forces under the command of Presidential Council.

Over 140 people have been killed so far from both sides, while over 6000 others have been displaced from conflict zones, let alone the damage in public and private properties.