Spokeswoman: Libyan interim executive authority's term is 18 months

Spokeswoman: Libyan interim executive authority's term is 18 months

December 26, 2021 - 14:17
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The spokeswoman for the Libyan Presidential Council, Najwa Wehebe, said the interim executive authority, including the Government of National Unity, hasn't finished its term that extends to 18 months since parliament confidence (March 2021) as per the third article of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum's roadmap and the visions of the European Union and the five countries' recent statements that called for keeping the current entities in place and for the resigned candidates to remain as such until elections are held.

Wehebe told Fawasel that the continuation of the current interim period doesn't mean protracting but means working on holding elections as soon as possible, referring to the fact that High National Elections Commission's statement delayed elections because of the flawed laws and other reasons.

She said the Presidential Council hopes the legislative authority works in a serious and consensual manner on resolving the issues that led to postponing elections so that they could be held soon, reiterating that the Presidential Council is ready to hand over power to the elected authority, and that it has always stressed the need to hold parliamentary and presidential elections at the same time based on consensual laws.

Wehebe said the Presidential Council hasn't been a hindering party to elections but has always supported holding elections on time, adding that any new date for elections must be very soon.