Benghazi frontlines have seen divided clashes between Benghazi Shura Council’s fighters and Khalifa Haftar’s militias using heavy weapons, reported sources close to the Shura Council, adding that Haftar’s militias started to randomly shell Al-Gawarsha district with mortars since Saturday’s early morning, however, the Shura Council’s artillery responded by shelling Hafta’s militias nearby Al-Gawarsha’s checkpoint and the European Hospital.

Local sources from Benghazi also indicated that a filed senior leader and four fighters from Haftar’s militias died due to landmines blast in Al-Gawarsha frontline, while two fighters from the Benghazi Shura Council died in the same district on Friday due to an airstrikes by Haftar’s warplanes.

The sources added that three other fighters from the Shura Council were wounded by shrapnel of the missiles fired by Haftar’s warplanes, which the sources said added more destruction to the district.