A number of members of the General National Congress have held what they said a first session of the State Supreme Council at the Radisson Blu hotel in Tripoli. The meeting, which took place Tuesday, was chaired by Abdulrahman Al-Shater.

The session, which was described also by the attendants as “the final session of the GNC, was put to effect by the second Deputy Speaker of the GNC, Saleh Al-Makhzoum, in which all of the attendants voted unanimously on amending the constitutional declaration and including the political agreement.

Having done with the unanimous vote, Al-Makhzoum sat aside and allowed Al-Shater, who was the oldest of the attendants, to chair the State Supreme Council session.

On the other hand, the GNC members held a session in the GNC headquarters in Tripoli, calling it “a session with a full quorum”. They rejected in the session the meeting of their colleagues in Radisson Blu hotel saying that it opposes the constitutional declaration and is illegal.

The GNC also decided to send the political agreement case and the official bodies that are born out of it to the Libyan judiciary for saying the final word about this crisis, calling on all parties to abide by this decision and make room for the judiciary to call the shots.