The State Supreme Council (SSC), which was formed by the Libyan political agreement and is headed by Abdelrahman Al-Sweihli, has urged the UN-proposed government to appoint a military force to free Sirte and its surrounding districts.

In a statement Sunday, the (SSC) clarified that the proposed military campaign in Sirte should be led by military senior leaders from different cities until all of the state military posts get occupied as per article (08) of the additional provisions in the political agreement.

It also urged the UN-proposed government to send a letter to the UN Security Council asking it to allow Libya to import the necessary weapons for the yet-to-be-formed military force for it to get the mission done with the least side effects on civilians.

On Sunday, the UN-proposed government’s Presidential Council issued a statement to confirm that it had received a letter from the National Oil Corporation warning against possible terror attacks on some of the oil sea locations.

It also confirmed that it had received reports about an existent collaboration between an armed force loyal to the former regime and some rebel groups in African neighboring countries, such as the Sudanese Justice and Equality Group.

The collaboration is aimed at controlling the oil fields in an attempt to spoil the national accord project and lay a tight grip on the Libyans’ money source to shakedown the government, according to the statement.