145 Egyptian bodies arrived at the Tobruk Medical Center from the city of Derna, killed in the floods after Storm Daniel hit the city, the Municipal Council of Tobruk announced in a brief statement on its Facebook page.

The doctor at the Tobruk Medical Center, Abdel Salam Al-Shaeri, explained that the transfer of the bodies of the Egyptians to Tobruk was in preparation for transporting them by air or land to Egypt, according to what is available in coordination with the Egyptian authorities.

Al-Shaeri added that he did not have any information about the total number of Egyptian victims, but he expected that there would be more bodies, whether Egyptians or those of Sudanese nationality, as rescue operations and the recovery of bodies continued in Derna.

Earlier Tuesday, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that there had been a number of casualties and missing Egyptian citizens in Libya, announcing continued efforts to count the numbers, in light of the difficult conditions in the affected areas.

The Ministry confirmed coordination with the Libyan side to obtain data on the victims and ways to count their numbers and follow up on search and rescue efforts.