The spokesman of the Sudanese Army, Ahmed Al-Shami, has revealed that the involvement of Darfur rebels in the Libyan conflict is not something new, adding that the rebels themselves don't deny this fact.

Al-Shami added in press statements that after the rebels had been defeated in Darfur, they infiltrated into Libya and used the instability status in the southern region then got involved in the conflict by taking the side of Khalifa Haftar's forces.

"Darfur rebels became mercenaries fighting for weapons and money so that they can go back and destabilize Sudan." Al-Shami explained.

He also confirmed that there are many captives who confessed about having money from Haftar's forces in return for fighting as part of them in the Libyan conflict, adding that Darfur rebels rely on mobile camps in Libya with their presence notices the most in Al-Kufra, Rubyana and Zintan as well as other areas.

Al-Shami accused the spokesman of Dignity Operation, Ahmed Al-Mismari, of adopting a red herring policy by accusing Sudan of false matters to draw attention away from Darfur rebels and Haftar's dubious partnership.

Al-Mismari has accused Sudan several times of supporting whom he described as terrorists in Libya and of indigestible it, nonetheless, Sudan has also denied the accusations, pointing fingers at Haftar and accusing him of following in the footsteps of Gaddafi in funding Sudanese rebels and scraping all efforts to reconcile and contain the crisis in Sudan.