Sudanese rebel movements smuggling weapons into Libya

Sudanese rebel movements smuggling weapons into Libya

March 06, 2017 - 21:44
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The spokesman of the Sudanese Army, Brigadier General, Ahmed Khalifa Al-Shami, has revealed information proving some moves by the rebel Sudanese groups in Darfur aiming at smuggling weapons to Libya.

Speaking to the press on Monday, Al-Shami said that Darfur Movement in western Sudan is doing business nowadays by working on a large scale in smuggling weapons to Libya.

Darfur Movement is comprised of the rebel groups that were constantly beaten by the Sudanese Army, said Brig. Gen. Al-Sahmi.

The weapons come from Chad, Central Africa and South Sudan and then the Darfur Movement rebels smuggle them to Libya, Al-Shami added, saying that border control patrols inspect cars around the clock and find stolen ones, smuggled ones and even smuggled people inside them, besides the smuggled weapons.

It is worth mentioning that eastern forces of Dignity Operation led by Khalifa Haftar are recruiting mercenaries from Chad and Sudan, especially from the Justice and Equality rebel group, to help them in their self-styled war on terrorism.

Several media and news sources have so far reported more than once that many African mercenaries have been seen among the forces of Haftar's Dignity Operation and the last of which was on Friday's clashes, when Defend Benghazi Brigades drove the forces of Haftar out of Ras Lanuf and Essidra oil terminals at the oil crescent region.