Disputes among members of the Sudan Liberation Movement, known as "Minni Minnawi" has come to surface again, the Sudanese Centre for Press Services reported.

A group of the movement's fighters in Libya demanded leader of the movement (Minni Minnawi) to pay them for their participation in the recent battles with the self-styled army of Hafter.

The Sudanese Center for Press Services quoted Siddiq Mustafa, a leading Minni Minnawi dissident as saying that a group of leaders and fighters in the movement gave Minni Minnawi a period of two weeks to pay their dues.

" Minni Minnawi took possession of all the money designated for the movement's members for their fighting in Libya," the dissident leader said.

He added that Khalifa Hafter has provided the movement with large financial and logistical support during the recent period, but Minni Minnawi took all the money, including the fighter's shares.

Identical sources confirmed the participation of Sudanese opposition fighters in the ongoing battles by Hafter's forces recently, in the southern part of Libya.