Dozens of Sudanese rebels, backed by Tabu fighters, were killed in the southern Libyan city of Al-Kufra on Wednesday in an attack by the city's revolutionary fighters on a desert checkpoint seized by the rebels.

Invaders loyal to the Justice and Equality Movement and the Sudan Liberation Movement were occupying Bu Zarig checkpoint, some 200 km north of the city, when Al-Kufra Protection Force took them by surprise, leaving 20 killed and others injured. 9 rebels were also arrested and 5 of their military vehicles were burned in the attack. 6 Al-Kufra fighters were also injured.

The Sudanese rebels have tried several times to advance to Al-Kufra but the city's revolutionaries defeated them.

Last September, 40 Khalifa Haftar-linked Darfur rebels  were killed and around 30 military vehicles were destroyed in a failed attack on Al-Kufra.