Three people were rescued from a suicide attempt in the past two days in Bayda, a local hospital reported on Monday, as mysterious phenomenon of suicide incidents are sweeping the east part of the country.

One of them is of a student of human medicine in Omar Al-Mukhtar University, while two other cases were of 16 and 15 year old teenagers who made an attempt to hang themselves, as reported by Al-Thawra Central Hospital.

More than a dozen suicides were reported in less than a month. An estimate of seven attempts of suicides were also reported since late March, four of them were lucky to be saved.

Another suicide attempt was of a person who tried to set himself on fire after pouring gasoline on his body in Shahat town, some 24 km east of Bayda.

Several press reports linked the suicide incidents with Charlie Charlie game including the Interior Ministry of Abdullah Al-Thanni government, while other linked them to drugs.

Sources from the hospital explained that there were several common factors which tie the suicide incidents together, most of the suicide cases were committed by young people aged between 14 and 29 and nearly all of them attempted the act by hanging themselves. The sources also pointed to the fact that those who committed suicide where in a good financial position, a large board of them attended private schools, and 95% played the games Charlie and new Pokémon!

The authorities in Bayda have made no official statement yet, but they said that they are taking the situation with concern.

The Judicial Experience Center in the city said that it had established a commission of inquiry to look into the reasons behind this phenomenon.

The security authorities summoned some spiritual healers to interrogate them after signs of beating and bruises were viewed on the bodies of those who were treated by them.

The Internal Security Service of Bayda killed 25-year-old "Nabil Hassan Jomaa" from Chad hours after his detention on Monday on charges of practicing black magic and alleged involvement in the teenagers’ suicides in the city.

According to psychologists, mental disorders, psychological stress, social and emotional problems, besides alcohol and drugs could all have the potential to cause some to commit suicide, Some say it all goes up to the huge amount of drugs that are traded in the Libyan market and could be bought at low prices, in addition to the lack of medical supervision, although tests reduced the risk of drug abuse.

Narratives differed and events amplified due to the absence of official and scientific interpretation.

However, some still consider it as a mystery and argue that the wide scale of drugs are traded in all parts of the country, and raises a valued question "is the game Charlie which is wide spread on the internet, played only by eastern citizens?"