A summary of Saturday fighting in southern Tripoli

A summary of Saturday fighting in southern Tripoli

September 01, 2018 - 21:56
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  • The Reconciliation Commission, composed of Tarhuna, Misrata, Zawia, Tripoli and Zintan, announced late on Friday a truce to halt fighting in southern Tripoli.


  • Tripoli brigades said they would abide by the truce.


  • The 7th Brigade of Tarhuna rejected the truce saying no talks with militias.


  • The 7th Brigade later changed course and said it would abide by the truce after several tribal mediation efforts exerted.


  • The truce has been broken and heavy fighting resumed shortly with both warring groups trading accusations of being the violator.


  • Fighting was reported in the Airport Road, Salah Eddine district, Khallatat Street, Al-Khallah district.


  • Several neighborhoods of Tripoli were showered with indiscriminate shells. The source of firing is unknown with both sides accusing each other of deliberately targeting civilians to incite public opinion.


  • Indiscriminate shells fell near Prime Minister's Office in Sikka Road, hitting a civilian’s house. No casualties were reported. https://twitter.com/Lyobserver/status/1035820990356508672


  • An indiscriminate shell fell on Waddan Hotel in Dahra district. Three people were wounded. https://twitter.com/Lyobserver/status/1035819863229558784


  • An indiscriminate shell fell on a private clinic in Hai Andouls wounding one civilian. https://twitter.com/Lyobserver/status/1035936594694483968


  • Tarhuna’s 7th Brigade said “We are ready to stop fighting immediately if the Presidential Council issues a clear order to dissolve militias in Tripoli and allows police and army to take charge of security of the capital.”


  • Senior commander of 301 Brigade of Misrata – a.k.a. Halboos Brigade - Ali Salim has been admitted to the ICU after being severely wounded in the ongoing fighting. Halboos is fighting alongside Tripoli brigades against Tarhuna’s 7th Brigade. https://twitter.com/Lyobserver/status/1035944398679433216


  • Chief of the Central Military Zone of the Presidential Council Major-General Mohammed Haddad was abducted in Misrata.


  • The emergency sirens of Tripoli oil depot in the Airport Road sounded at sunset as fighting spread.


  • Al-Sumood Brigade led by senior Libya Dawn Operation commander Salah Badi took control of Hamza military camp in the Airport Road. Al-Sumood Brigade is fighting alongside Tarhuna’s 7th Brigade. https://twitter.com/Lyobserver/status/1035965347810222081


  • Tarhuna’s 7th Brigade took control of Naqliya camp in the Airport Road, which was under control of Misrata's 301 Brigade. https://twitter.com/Lyobserver/status/1035967942494756866


  • The death toll of southern Tripoli clashes has risen to 39, while 119 people are wounded. Most casualties are civilians.