The Supreme Judiciary Council (SJC) in Libya has condemned the ‘attack’ on the Courthouse of Tripoli by shutting it down as well as disallowing the judiciary employees to practice their jobs and preventing people from having their issues sorted out.

The SJC issued a statement on Monday saying it has been shocked to know that the Tripoli Criminal Investigation Bureau is behind the closure of the courthouse while in fact it should be the one appointed by law to ensure security in the capital.

“Despite being tasked to secure people and fight crimes, that bureau has proved to have done perilous and law-bending acts against judicial institutions that are considered a very solemn symbol for justice in Libya.” The statement reads.

The SJC reaffirmed that Tripoli Investigation Bureau bears the whole responsibility for whatever mess happens in the courthouse and for any violations of the employees’ reputations, pointing out that its actions are crimes and the SJC won’t spare any efforts trying to bring the culprits to justice.

An armed group of the Tripoli Criminal Investigation Bureau blocked Sidi Al-Masri St. and Al-Sikka Road in Tripoli in protest of the killing of two of its members, who were abducted on Friday and their bodies were found on Sunday in Hadba district.

According to sources, the two killed people were conducting investigations on a certain case in the area before they had been kidnapped and killed by an armed group, leaving their co-members enraged, so they closed the streets including the Sidi Al-Masri St. that leads to the Tripoli Courthouse.