A Syrian security company acting as a proxy for the Russian Wagner Group has transferred Syrian fighters from Benghazi to Syria, "Syrians for Truth and Justice" organization (STJ) has reported, indicating that the batch of mercenaries will join the Russian troops fighting in Ukraine and the separatist regions.

The organization said it had learned from a set of testimonies that Moscow had issued orders to prepare a new batch of Syrian fighters stationed in Libya to transport them to Russia as a first step towards transferring them to Ukraine.

It said it had monitored a flight taking off from Benghazi on Sunday, March 13, towards Damascus, while two other flights left Benghazi on May 14 and 16, one of them operated by the Syrian Cham Wings airlines.

A broker who, on behalf of Russia, recruited mercenaries to fight in Libya told the organization that the majority of the Syrian mercenaries in Libya are not keen on leaving for Ukraine. They fear they might not be getting any financial compensation from the Russians, especially since they are paid by Haftar during their stay in Libya, he explained.

Another Syrian mercenary serving as a guard in Benghazi told STJ that there are an estimated 2000 Syrian commissioned guards in Libya who have been recruited by Russian and Syrian security companies.

The guards stationed in military camps and bases, as well as oil facilities, are placed under the direct command of Russian officers belonging to the Wagner Group and the Russian government, not security companies, the guard confirmed.