The Higher Institute for Sharia Sciences, in cooperation with Sheikh Ali Al-Gharyani Book Centre in Tajoura, organized a solidarity festival Thursday in support of the Palestinian people.

The organizers called for stepping up support for the people of Palestine as they face the racist and barbaric policies of the Israeli forces.

The event was marked by an astonishing turnout of people from all walks of life.

Arwa, one of the festival organizers, told The Libya Observer that the large turnout reflects how deeply the Palestinian cause is embedded in the Libyan souls.

"In addition to voicing our support, the event comes to show our pride in those civilians stationed around the Al-Aqsa Mosque day and night to defend the holy place as well as the people of Gaza who are resisting the ruthless bombardment of the Israeli regime," Arwa added.

She also indicated that they found a great response from all groups and segments of society who competed to offer their services and harness their capabilities to make the Al-Aqsa festival a success.

The event witnessed several speeches which introduced the roots of the conflict and the legal basis for the right of Muslims in the land of Palestine, besides the importance of the financial and global support, while some of the hosts of sheiks and scholars presented answers to important dilemmas about the issue.

However, many of whom we interviewed at the festival confirmed the need for a long-term policy that requires patience, persistence, and not to rush results.

The festival also featured a public auction in which the attendees competed to buy art pieces painted by young talented artists in support of Palestine.

The donations exceeded one hundred thousand dinars, according to the organizers.