The Tarhouna Victims Association voiced concerns over the silence of the government toward the massacres and mass graves committed by Al-Kaniyat (Al-Kani) militia, loyal to Khalifa Haftar, against the city's residents, describing it as "horrendous".

The association said on Facebook that bodies have continued to be discovered in Tarhouna for ten months out of mass graves done by Al-Kaniyat militia but the government hasn't said anything.

The association indicated that the consecutive governments didn't protect Tarhouna residents but helped the gangs that committed heinous crimes.

Bodies from mass graves in Tarhouna continue to be dug out on almost a daily basis. Bodies of people killed by Al-Kaniyat militia just for disagreeing with their views and those of Haftar when he briefly controlled the city.

Last Friday, Tarhouna saw a grand funeral for 13 people who were identified by their relatives among the bodies discovered in mass graves at Mashroa Al-Rabet area. Six people were from the same family.