Tawergha is short of almost every living-necessary item including water, electricity and proper sewage, member of the city’s local council Abdelnabi Buaraba said.

Buaraba told reporters Saturday that 200 families arrived on last Friday to Tawergha and are now staying at Garir area.

Buaraba said the returnees are also facing challenges like lack of schools, saying they could ask the education ministry for makeshift schools for the time being.

He also called on the Presidential Council to provide the city with an emergency budget to alleviate the suffering of the returning families, denying any security violations so far in the city.

Several displaced families returned over the last days to Tawergha, some to permanently stay and others to celebrate Eid Al-Adha in the seven-year forsaken city.

Officials in the city say the lack of services is partly attributed to the inaction of the authorities regarding the commitments they agreed on when Misrata and Tawergha signed the reconciliation treaty.