UNSMIL reported Wednesday that Tawergha residents, in their meeting with Ghassan Salame in their town, asked for the UN support to facilitate their safe and dignified return to their homes and urged for developing a clear plan for service-delivery, reconstruction and rebuilding of their devastated city, which is currently lacking all facilities.

The meeting, on the UN Day celebration, was also attended by deputy head for politics at the UNSMIL Stephanie Williams, Misrata municipal members and Tawergha local council members as well as residents.

"Our sense of marginalization prompts us to represent our cause in international conferences about Libya to remind our presence to the government and begin the process of rehabilitating of Tawergha plus guaranteeing our children some amends after 7 displaced years." Tawerghans told the UNSMIL in the meeting.

"I will make available to you the UN's modest abilities and will consult upon my return to Tripoli with the UN agencies to see what support can be provided for education, schools, health and other much needed services." Salame promised, UNSMIL said on Twitter.

The head of the local council in Tawergha, Abdelrahman Al-Shakshak, and the head of the elders and shura council of Tawergha among others were also present to receive the UN staffers.

"The visit of the UNSMIL is part of its support for the return of Tawerghans to their homes." The local council said on Facebook.