A Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade commander was murdered in Tripoli on Monday night. Khairi Hankora was shot dead by gunmen outside Radisson Blu (Mahari) Hotel at midnight.

While the reason behind his killing is still unknown, his brigade pointed the finger at the Special Deterrence Force.

At sunrise, gunmen loyal to Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade arrested two Special Deterrence Force fighters at a checkpoint in Dahmani district and shot them dead immediately, in a tit-for tat murder.

Later, Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade mobilized forces in Dahmani in anticipation of any attack from the Special Deterrence Force.

Sources said the Foreign Ministry, in Dahmani, was evacuated after reports emerged that the Special Deterrence Force is planning to attack Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade, which occupies a building very close to the ministry.

Some Observers claim that eliminating Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade from the scene is part of the new security arrangements in the capital. The top commander of Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade Haitem Tajouri had fled to the UAE after performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia this season at the beginning of month-long Tripoli clashes against the 7th Brigade of Tarhuna.

Ironically, the two brigades were fighting alongside each other against the 7th Brigade on August 27.