The spokesman of the Third Force that is appointed to secure the south, Mohammed Gliwan, confirmed that their fighters attacked Barak Al-Shatti airbase on Sunday dawn and laid a tightened siege around it, aiming at regaining control and securing it.

In a press statement, Gliwan said their forces targeted the airbase with Grad rockets, without saying if they hit a specified target, confirming that there foreign mercenaries and pro-Dignity Operation militia inside the airbase.

“The Third Force called on the notables of Barak Al-Shatti to interfere and hold back the militias inside the airbase from repeating their attacks on its forces so that they can preserve the social fabric of the district and prevent war from happening, otherwise, the Third Force fighters will eliminate any threat in the area.” Gliwan added.

He indicated that they would have to wage a war on those militias if the social efforts to contain the conflict, abstain from supporting Sirte IS escapees and refrain from attacking the Third Force failed.

The commander of the Third Force, Jamal Al-Treiki, said Saturday that the force’s fighters foiled an attack on Tamnahent airbase by Dignity Operation forces led by Mohammed Ben Nayel and added that the fighters are ready to thwart any attack that is jeopardizing the security of the Libyan south.