The commander of the Third Force – appointed to secure the southern region, Colonel Jamal Al-Treiki, said a pro-Haftar Dignity Operation force coming from Barak Al-Shatti attacked Tamnahent airbase at about 3:00 am on Friday, confirming that their forces thwarted the attack.

In a statement, Al-Treiki said their forces are in position and the security situation is stable, adding that the Third Force, together with southern mayors, notables and elders, to reach a peaceful solution to help thwart the war that is being advocated by Dignity Operation under the command of Mohammed Ben Nayel, who was a captive at the Third Force and was released after the elders vouched he would stay at home.

Al-Treiki said the residents of the southern region are against such actions as they would finally lead to war, adding that they are in contact with Tubu notables for the case of Ali Sida, whose group’s movement has been under surveillance, pointing out that Ben Nayel wants to plunge the south into a military conflict but southerners keep resisting such bloodshed calls.

Pro-Haftar forces led by Ben Nayel attempted two weeks ago to capture Barak Al-Shatti airbase in a step so admired and pushed for by the pro-Dignity Operation media outlets, seeing it as an establishment of controlling the south and then heading to Tripoli.