The activities of the third development partners forum, organized by the Ministry of Finance in coordination with the World Bank, ended in Tripoli under the slogan “Health Sector Reform”, with the participation of the World Bank and the African Development Bank.

The forum was attended by Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir, the Head of the Audit Bureau, Khalid Shakshak, a number of ambassadors, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Public Hospitals and Health Centers, and a number of undersecretaries, directors of departments in ministries and institutions.

The World Bank and the Ministry of Health, gave presentations on the development of the health system in Libya, and after that, a number of interventions were made by the attendees to discuss recommendations. At the end, officials agreed on the need for cooperation between the Ministry of Health and relevant international institutions to develop a practical vision for the development of the Libyan health system, and to organize aspects of cooperation between local and international institutions.

Meanwhile, Dbeibah said that the Ministry of Health implemented the public bid, for the first time in years, to ensure the highest levels of transparency and disclosure, after corruption negatively affected the sector as a result of the weakness of successive governments and the state of corruption witnessed by institutions.

"We succeeded in supporting vulnerable groups of patients with kidneys, tumors, diabetes and chronic diseases. We also took care of radiological and specialized centers, and launched a program to localize treatment at home and a health system program for retirees. My government, upon starting its work, sought to reorganize the sector and approve the organizational structure of the Ministry of Health. This is a difficult stage that requires focusing on capacity-building, establishing peace, and launching budget development projects as an alternative to projects of division and war. The health sector has suffered for many decades from complex problems for various reasons, which were exacerbated during the years of war and division." Dbeibah explained.a