47.000 families from Benghazi have been displaced due to the ongoing war in the city, figures released by Union of Benghazi Displaced People - UBDP - have shown.

The Union said in statement that those displaced families comprised about 300.000 citizens who fled the city as a consequence of the war waged by renegade General Khalifa Haftar and his forces on the city for more than a year now.

"A thorough survey conducted by UBDP has shown that the displaced came from 25 residential areas in the city and currently gathering in six shelters." The statement stated.

The statement further noted that despite the comprehensive and authentic survey, Tobruk parliament recognizes the displacement of only 8.000 families.

Meanwhile, Benghazi Municipality confirmed that the number of the displaced families from the city has jumped to 44.282 families.

Figures of the municipality have shown that 5696 families from the city center, 6320 from Al-Sabri, 4714 from Qaryounis, 9709 from Al-Qawarsha, 8844 from Abu Atni, and 9000 from Al-Laithi are now displaced.

The war-torn city of Benghazi was hit with widespread violence that turned many parts of the city into abandoned places when rogue General Khalifa Haftar declared his Dignity Operation in May 2014.