The Head of GNC Political Committee has revealed that some GNC members were threatened with sanctions if they refused the UNSMIL agreement.

"We have received threats from one of the General National Congress members that participated in Rome conference," said the Head of the Political Committee of the GNC, Abdul-Fattah Al-Shilwi.

Al- Shilwi told Al-Nabaa TV that the threats included money-freezing, ban on travelling, and legal prosecution against the GNC members who would refuse to sign the UNSMIL draft, pointing out that the Rome conference results are nothing more but a concord agreement in a costume of dictations.

“The GNC is pursuing what had already started regarding the Libyan-Libyan dialogue and it will not exclude the UN’s role in backing up the solution that will lead the Libyans to agreement and peace.” Said Al- Shilwi.

The announcement of UNSMIL to sign the unity government agreement on December 16 has sparked wide-nation criticism.

Observers indicated that imposing the signature of the agreement without a concord between the two main political rivals would make situations more complicated.

Split over the UNSMIL agreement is growing in both rival camps. The GNC decided to hold a public vote on Wednesday on Skhirat dialogue to determine the majority. Around 90 GNC members have already signed a statement in favour of a Libyan-Libyan dialogue as the only way out of the current situations.