Renewed rocket attacks on Tripoli's civilian neighborhoods by Khalifa Haftar's forces have killed three civilians and injured several others.

The Libyan Health Ministry said Thursday that a child named Rawad Al-Rabiyi was killed and his sister was injured along with two other children in Haftar's shelling on Treeq Al-Soor in Tripoli.

While a neurosurgeon at Tripoli University Hospital named Abdelmonem Bughafa was killed by Haftar's forces attacks on Ain Zara in south Tripoli, where many shells fall daily as it is considered a fighting zone.

Many residents from Ain Zara had left their houses due to clashes but had to return after the outbreak of Coronavirus, thus putting their own fate under the mercy of the indiscriminate shelling of Haftar's forces.

Meanwhile, a woman was also killed after suffering injuries of Haftar's rocket attacks on Al-Hay Al-Diplomasi in Abu Salim.

Haftar's rockets hit also Al-Hadba Al-Haddad neighborhood in Tripoli, with shells falling on a house near Al-Bouzaidi Mosque, as several houses and properties were damaged by shrapnel.

In the meantime, a house in Souq Al-Jumua was set ablaze after being targeted by Haftar's Grad rockets, something that has been ongoing since April 04 2019, when the offensive on Tripoli started.