The UN-proposed government’s Defense Ministry said Saturday that three of its personnel were kidnapped in Tripoli. The three men were identified as Mousa Amroni, Fadlallah Al-Shahibi, and Ali Al-Agouri.

The ministry issued a statement to confirm that it is willing to cooperate with the relevant authorities in a bid to exact the legal measures on the kidnappers.

“The relevant security authorities should assume their jobs and protect the employees who work for the government.” The statement reads.

It also called on those who are committing such illegal acts to stop messing with the “very essential institution in Libya as it represents the national security for the Libyan citizens.”

The Defense Ministry indicated that it has been shocked to see such a ferocious local media campaign aiming the most at circulating rumors and fabricated news about the abduction incident given the current stalemate and crises Libya is going through.

“Such rumors and false news aim to create hustle and bustle in the country and deviate the public opinion into a track based on faulty information.”

Media sources had previously said that gunmen stormed into Al-Shajara Hotel, where the abductees were staying, and kidnapped three people, who are reportedly close friends to the Defense Minister-designate Mihdi Al-Barghathi.