The Speaker of the Tobruk-based HoR, Aqilah Saleh has announced mobilization of fighters and appointed the HoR’s Chief of Staff as a military commander for the districts between Tobruk and Derna as well as Ben Jawad town, in central Libya.

Slaeh’s mobilization decision comes after an attack carried out by Ajdabia Liberation Operations Chamber in cooperation with Defend Benghazi Brigades on southern Ajdabia, where the HoR is in control of the ground (150 km western Benghazi) on Saturday morning.

Earlier, Abdullah AL-Maghrabi – one of the senior leaders of Ajdabia Liberation Operations Chamber, confirmed that their forces seized the southern entrance of Ajdabia and Al-Hay Al-Sinayi, while the spokesman of HoR forces, Ahmed Al-Mismari announced that their forces managed to foil the attack and recapture the positions they had lost.