The Tobruk-based House of Representatives voted with rejection to give confidence to the UN-proposed government’s cabinet that was presented by Fayez Al-Sirraj, the Head of the Presidential Council.

The HoR’s session took place in Tobruk Sunday afternoon with 101 members attending. 61 members voted to not give confidence to the UN-proposed government, while one member voted to give confidence to it and 39 ones abstained from voting.

The HoR member, Saleh Fahima, said according to the article 180 of the internal code of the HoR, the UN-proposed government is considered “legally and constitutionally unrecognized” along with the Presidential Council, which should be reconsidered, he added.

Abdullah Belheeq, HoR's official spokesperson, said the HoR has reached quorum for the first time since last January.

This vote of no confidence for the UN-proposed government could complicate the already-perplexed political scene adding more hardships in the way of the political agreement signed in Skhirat, Morocco last December, with growing fears that it has become too fragile to succeed.