At least four people have been killed and 20 others wounded as a result of the clashes that broke out in Tobruk city east of Libya on Thursday.

Sources from the city said that confrontations broke out between two families from different tribes, on the backdrop of a decision to assign a member from one of the mentioned tribes to the position of director of the social security fund as a substitute for the current official who descends from the other tribe.

The source indicated that before the clashes, gunmen, blew up the new social security fund HQ located in the Kombout district, east of Tobruk.

In 2014 Haftar declared an operation so-called the Dignity campaign, which started from Benghazi under the pretext to rid the country of Islamist forces and fight terrorism as part of his agenda to seize power.

Surrounding himself with tribal militias, outlaw groups, and extremists, he turned Benghazi into a death pitch characterized by extrajudicial killings, kidnapping, torture, and dumped bodies in open areas.