Notables and elders of the eastern Libyan city of Tobruk have accused militants of rogue General Khalifa Haftar of being behind the enforced disappearance of citizens and activists of the city.

In a statement on Wednesday, the elders said the kidnappers are receiving support from official authorities and were granted immunity by sides claiming legitimacy from the army.

"These sides are claiming to be under the army and they are charging citizens of being sleeper cells based on false accusations in order to kidnap them." The statement reads.

The elders indicated in their statement that the kidnappers, who are under the command of the army, are from Al-Marij city and the kidnapped citizens have been imprisoned there in lawless detention centers.

The elders called renegade General Khalifa Haftar to intervene immediately and set the kidnapped citizens free, saying they would reconsider their recognition of the so-called Libyan Army if this matter was not settled.

Several activists from Tobruk have been abducted for anti-Dignity Operation views. Early this week, activist Ahmed Fayad was abducted in the city center and his fate is still unknown.

Activists Othman Obiedi and Ahmed Al-Ahrish were also abducted early this month before the abduction of Siddiq Al-Ghaiti and Nasif Bosidrah.

In January, defected spokesperson of Dignity Operation Mohammed Al-Hijazi accused Khalifa Haftar of being behind killing and abduction cases in eastern Libya.