Prime Minister of Tobruk government, Abdullah Al-Thani has boldly enlisted Russian and Chinese military intervention in Libya to fight the extension of IS group, as he stated.

In an interview with Sputnik news agency on Tuesday, Al-Thani said his government wish Russia had taken a military action against IS in Libya as it did in Syria, pointing that if Russia and China want to intervene militarily and create balance on the ground, then his government will coordinate with them and give them full support.

“We blame the European countries that helped Libyans topple down the Gaddafi and did not continue their track by helping us; that is why we urge Russia and China to intervene and make a difference, only then the European countries stance on Libya will be altered.” Explained Al-Thani.

Al-Thani also defended the Egyptian intervention in Libya saying it has only taken military action twice with his approval and command.

"We asked the Egyptian air force to conduct airstrikes on Derna. These military actions by Egypt were publically stated and approved by the HoR and thus the other party wants to defame Egypt for some reasons." He said.

On the contrary, Al-Thani lashed out at Turkey and Qatar for their interfering in Libya affairs saying they should have stood neutral to the Libyan crisis.

“We have boycotted the Turkish government and we will not facilitate any groundwork for Turkish companies," he says, accusing it and Qatar of supporting Benghazi fighters.

Al-Thani has called the international community to help renegade Gen. Khalifa Haftar's armed groups by lifting the ban on weapons.

“The International Community is not right with its decision to ban Libya from importing weapons, as Tobruk government is internationally recognized, then we must be able to import weapons to fight terrorism because terrorism does not wait.” Said Al-Thani.