The eastern government of Abdullah Al-Thanni held talks in Bayda on Tuesday with a coalition of Chinese companies to discuss implementation of a number of power and infrastructure projects in the government’s controlled areas.

Among the projects is the construction of a rail transport line between Tobruk city and Sudan, according to the government’s Facebook page.

“The government discussed with the Chinese delegation the construction of a solar power plant in the desert town of Jaghbub,” it declared without providing more details about the mega project.

Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thanni appeared later on TV and claimed his government would sign an agreement with giant (Chinese) companies to transmit the solar power from the Libyan desert, through a submarine power cable, to Greece and then to entire Europe. His claims come while the country faces a severe electricity crisis and long-hour outages.

“We also discussed construction of 10.000 housing units and a huge commercial port,” the government added.

The meeting was attended by senior leader of National Forces Alliance Abdul-Majeed Maligta who is believed to be behind the visit of the