A pro-Khalifa Haftar demonstration in Tobruk’s Martyrs Square was dispersed by angry locals on Monday. The demonstrators were calling on rogue Gen. Haftar to form a military council to rule Libya.

Eyewitnesses indicated that local guys dispersed the demonstrators and tore up their placards, which were all implying a call for putting Khalifa Haftar in power by forming a military council once the dissolved parliament’s term finishes later on October 15.

“Those local people called on Haftar to leave Libya for good and accused him of being behind the assassination of Abdulfattah Younis as well as of masterminding assassinations and bombings across Libya, especially in Benghazi, for the sake of the success of his Dignity operation.” Added the eyewitnesses.

The angry locals also chanted anti-Khalifa Haftar slogans accusing him of attempting to bring dictatorship back to Libya.

The rogue General is exerting efforts to follow Egyptian President Sisi's footsteps. He called his supporters to take to the streets and demand a military council to rule the state after October when the constitutionally specified term for Tobruk parliament expires.  

Some reports say that Khalifa Haftar is also trying to undermine the ongoing efforts for a peaceful solution to the Libyan political crisis which, if reached, would hinder his plot to repeat the Egyptian scenario and establish his military council.