The European Union has agreed to impose sanctions on three Libyan politicians on the pretext of opposing the UN-imposed government.

The sanctions on GNC President Nuri Abu Sahmain, President of Tobruk Parliament Aqailah Saleh and Prime Minister of Salvation Government Khalifa Ghawiel include travel bans and asset freezes to be imposed within days.

Libya's UN envoy Ibrahim Dabbashi expressed regret for these sanctions saying they would not have any impact on the ground.

"These sanctions may provoke many Libyans," he told Jordan-based Libya Channel on Wednesday.

"Imposing sanctions on the spoilers is a limited decision that depends in general on the authorities which can implement it on the ground." He adds.

Reacting to the decision of UN-imposed government to declare itself without approval from Tobruk Parliament, Dabbashi urged it not to go on with the plan that was drawn up by the international community because legitimacy can only be obtained from the HoR, according to him.

Similarly, Tobruk MP Jaballah Al-Shibani lashed out at the EU decision to impose sanctions on some Libyan figures.

"We are not members in the EU and we do not follow it, I refuse the EU threats against all Libyans." He said, accusing the EU ambassadors of intervening in Libya's affairs.

"Britain is working on a plan to divide Libya by putting obstacles and encouraging MPs not to go to Tobruk to practise democracy in the parliament," Al-Shibani told Libya Channel.

He also deplored the UN Mission in Libya and the EU ambassadors for creating chaos in Libya and dragging it into a civil war, according to him.

"They are not working for the sake of Libya; they want to impose a government that meets their interests." He indicated.

"All Libyans should be aware that that UN envoy (Martin Kobler), his staff, and the EU ambassadors are dragging Libya into complete chaos." He added.