Toburk MP, Salim Gneidi has accused parliament members who support the UN-imposed government of reliance on foreigners to impose the government on Libyans, calling on them to attend the parliament sessions first, then talk about approving it.     

Gneid told Press Solidarity Tuesday that those members, who were allegedly reached 101, are so dependent on foreigners to impose the government and said the country will go into a disaster if that happened.

He also reaffirmed that the sessions will not be held Tuesday or Wednesday because they are not expected to reach a quorum, and if the session would be held, then it would be allocated to the constitutional declaration and not to the approval of the government.

"The cabinet presented by the Presidential Council will not be endorsed without voting or a united call by all of the Tobruk MPs." Gneidi explained.

He concluded by saying that if the government was approved outside the parliament, then it will be a replica of the Iraqi scenario, where the government came on a tank and was placed in a green zone in which its ministries are always protected.