The head of defense and security committee of House of Representatives, Tariq Al-Jaroushi, said on Sunday that the attack on oil crescent region by Ibrahim Jadran forces have been preplanned by foreign intelligence services who don’t want stability to prevail in Libya.

In a press statement to Cairo-based Alwasat newspaper, Tariq, who is the son of Dignity Operation air force chief Saqir, said there are countries which are not satisfied with Paris meeting, accusing Turkey, Qatar and Italy of masterminding the oil crescent attack to spoil the outcome of that meeting.

“The joint interests of these countries made the movement on the ground the only way to spoil Paris agreement.” He said, claiming that the Presidential Council agreed with the Italians after Paris meeting to send Italian warships to Libyan waters.

“Turkey and Qatar also urged the President of High Council of State to wash his hands of Paris agreement,” he further claimed, without providing any evidence for his claims.

Al-Jaroushi, a mouthpiece for warlord Khalifa Haftar, said the Italian companies’ contracts in Libya have become at risk because of Italy’s support to the Presidential Council.