The controversial member of Tobruk-based House of Representatives Ziad Daghaiem has threatened to use oil revenues, the country’s only source of income, for the eastern region only, days after the seizure of oil terminals by Dignity Operation militias.

Speaking to Jordan-based Libya Channel, federalist Daghaiem said Tripolitania will not benefit from the oil revenues anymore.

“I promise you, as we promised before that (Sirraj) government would not get confidence vote and the political agreement would not be approved, that Tripolitania will not benefit from oil revenues,” he ranted in a threatening way.

He said the western region has a little money in the Central Bank of Libya that is only enough for six months, and then things will come to fruition, according to him.

“80% of Libyan oil is located in Cyrenaica; we will impose our agenda on the minority,” he promised.

Federalist Ziad Daghaiem is a strong supporter of Khalifa Haftar’s Dignity Operation. He has a deep-seated aversion to the western region of Libya. His rude remarks have always angered the western members of House of Representatives.

In August, the western MPs walked out of one of the parliament sessions in protest against the speech of Daghaiem, which was full of hate and a call for separation.