Libya's social media pages are awash with anger and insults to the member of Tobruk-based House of Representatives Ali Al-Tikbali after a sex video of him went viral on Saturday.

A Libyan hacker called "the simple citizen" published a Skype video chat  between Chief of Defense Committee of HoR Ali Al-Tikbali and a prostitute.

The 3-minute video showed Al-Tikbali performing sex acts on camera using sexually explicit language.

The sex video sparked social media fury with calls on Al-Tikbali to step down from his current position and quit Libyan politics forever.

The hacker has also threatened to leak scandals related to Abdul-Majeed Maligta, the co-chairman of National Forces Alliance and a foreign affairs adviser for the eastern government of Abdullah Al-Thanni.

The simple citizen hacker had before published several sex scandals of pro-Dignity Operation politicians and militants. 

Earlier last year, the hacker published a video of Tobruk MP Moftah Kodier stripping off for his girlfriend while exchanging sexy acts on camera.