The dissolved parliament of Tobruk decided on Monday to extend its mandate beyond October 20 when its constitutional term expires.

103 out of 131 members voted in favor of the extension for another six months, in violation of February Committee recommendations which stated that extension can only be done through referendum.

It has been long since last time they convened together with such a quorum as most of parliament members are staying in Egypt.

Parliament spokesperson Faraj Bohashem said the constitutional declaration was amended and the parliament will hand over power after a new body is elected.

The move is likely to complicate UNSMIL efforts to end to the country's political crisis.

In February 2014, the GNC extended its mandate for 11 months. Many activists, most of whom are now members in Tobruk parliament, met the decision with anger and protests.

As a result, the GNC formed February Committee to look for alternatives for the GNC. The committee proposed a new house of representative, which was elected in June 2014. The February Committee stated that its term can only be extended through a referendum.

In November 2014, Libya's Supreme Court dissolved the House of Representatives saying June elections of the parliament were illegal. The parliament defied the court ruling and continued its illegal meetings in Tobruk.