The Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobruk, eastern Libya, has failed again to hold a full quorum session and held a consultation meeting with 25 members instead on Monday.

The HoR's Speaker Aqilah Saleh told lawmakers that they should achieve the required quorum next week to vote for amending the constitutional declaration and pass the constitution referendum law, the HoR's spokesman Abdullah Blihiq said.

Saleh said if full quorum wouldn't be reached, the HoR should activate (Law No.5) of 2014 and directly elect a president for Libya through popular voting.

Law No.5 of 2014 says popular voting can be organized by the parliament to reach a majority vote to elect a president for the State of Libya.

The last three HoR sessions were a failure in terms of not reaching a vote on passing the constitution referendum law due to some conflicting articles within the laws construction.

Several MPs are cherishing reaching the point where they could activate the direct election of a president for Libya before approving the constitution.

Boycotting HoR member Fathi Bashagha reacted Monday by saying that Saleh's mentioning of Law No.5 of 2014 is "not a good call."

Bashagha said the current chain of political happenings is a never-ending chaos that is stripping Libya of its own resources and sending Libyans into more misery and suffering, adding that the collapse of security in Tripoli is part of the chain that concerns the failure of authorities that are under the control of militias.