The Speaker of the dissolved parliament of Tobruk has urged the UN envoy to Libya to provide written commitments that he said would be a guarantee for making the Libyan political dialogue successful.

In a letter addressed to Bernardino Leon, Aqilah Saleh set terms and conditions that must be met before next dialogue rounds.

“The commitments should guarantee that the head and the first deputy of the unity government would be nominated by the parliament as well as that the unity government would be given a vote of confidence by the parliament only.” He demanded.

Aqilah also requested that the dialogue’s draft, initialled in Skhirat, should be a final and non-negotiable one, asking for more time to study its annexes that must be approved by Tobruk parliament first.

 "All the decisions and legislations of the parliament, and all the adopted political and sovereign positions are final and non-negotiable." He asks.

According to Aqilah's conditions, the controversial rouge Gen. Khalifa Haftar would remain in power which would conflict with the GNC's request that he should be out of the game.

Aqilah hinted in his letter that if these terms and conditions are not met, his parliament would listen to what he claimed "voice of the people" and extend its mandate after October when the constitutionally specified term for Tobruk parliament expires.