The Tobruk Security Directorate imposed a curfew from 20.00 to 06.00 local time, starting from Saturday until further notice.  According to the Directorate's announcement, which it published on its official Facebook page; medical and paramedic staff, patients, humanitarian workers, members of the police, the armed forces, and the Public Cleaning Company, are exempt from the curfew while performing their duties.

The Directorate has previously published photos of the participation of its patrols in the joint security campaigns in the border city of Emssaed to impose law and order. 

The Libyan News Agency in Benghazi said last Thursday that joint military and security units arrested more than 1000 illegal immigrants of different nationalities who were found in the farms and homes of smugglers in the border city of Emssaed.

The region has been witnessing daily security tension between the official security units and local residents due to the killing of a young man in clashes between border guards and smugglers, according to security sources.

Haftar's forces and the Ministry of the Interior of the House-of-Representatives-designated  government sent security and military reinforcements to support the Tobruk and Emssaed security directorates in operations against smugglers, and to control security. 

The Libyan News Agency added that the military and security units were also able to find farms where there were workshops for the manufacture of wooden boats for smuggling immigrants, saying that the operations by the military and security units would continue until they arrest all smugglers and drug dealers in Emssaed.