The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) said a total blackout had hit western and southern zones of the power network, which is the second in three days after the blackout of last Saturday.

GECOL said the blackout was caused because of the lack some cities' willingness to abide by the power load shedding and the resumption of power by 220 megawatts.

This comes after the last Saturday blackout in south and west Libya due to what GECOL described as repeated attacks on power transmission units.

Blackouts in Libya also lead to shutdown of the pumping stations in water wells at the Man-Made River in Hassawna and Jafara, thus causing water cuts depriving millions of Libyans from water supplies in Tripoli and western region.

Meanwhile, the Man-Made River said in a statement on Sunday that the water cuts had been caused by repetitive power outages, saying work was underway to regain power to re-operate the water supplies' system.