A total blackout has been reported in western and southern Libya by the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL), which says its control teams are trying to figure out the reason behind the power outage.

GECOL said Tuesday that the total blackout in the west and south was out of the blue, adding that its teams started working on regaining power in the two affected regions in hours to come.

Power grids in Libya and the general network has been under regular outages and rolling blackouts in different cities in the country, especially in peak periods in winter and summer.

Blackouts in western Libya, especially Tripoli, add to the tragic situation in a city under constant artillery shelling and outbreak of Coronavirus, let alone the latest outage of water as a group that could be loyal to Khalifa Haftar's forces cut off water supplies on Tripoli and western Libya by shutting valves at one of the sites of the Man-Made River.