Four Tribes Army (TA) militants were killed and two others were arrested Wednesday in clashes with pro-Libya Dawn forces of the Military Council of Sabratha.

The clashes broke out when the Tribes Army, a militia loyal to the former dictator and now allied to Dignity Operation, attempted to penetrate into Sabratha from the southern direction.

The TA militias set up a checkpoint in Aqar district, 30km away from the city center, and refused calls by the Military Council of Sabratha to pull their groups out of the city's administrative borders.

The Military Council, then, ordered its forces to move to the scene where heavy clashes erupted and forced the TA militias to retreat to southern Al-Jilat city.

Two Sabratha fighters were also injured in the clashes.

Meanwhile, another TA group exploited the engagement of Sabratha fighters in Aqar clashes and attacked Mellitah Gas and Oil Complex opening random fire at the gate. The guards responded quickly and exchanged fire with the attackers, forcing them to retreat.