The so-called Tribes Army located in Sayad region, Wirshiffana, released Sunday a hostage, days after being kidnapped along with two other companions. 

A relative to the thirty-year-old Zeyad Al-Mastouri, told Press Solidarity that he managed to get in touch with the kidnappers from the first day, who asked for a ransom and other stuff in exchange for the release of Zeyad. 

He added that he could collect the 150 thousand dinars ransom as well as two cars, BMW and Toyota, and then gave them to the Tribes Army, which then set him free. However, Zeyad’s two companions were killed under torture, pointing out that Zeyad is now in intense care unit at the Central Hospital of Tripoli , recovering from effects of torture he suffered during the abduction period. 

Wirshiffana has been a location for armed groups since 2011. Groups that often kidnap citizens from different Libyan cities and ask for ransom in return of their freedom, or kill them in cold blood, knowing that the numbers of the killed people (mostly passersby who travellers through Wirshiffana roads) has exceeded 200, let alone the missing, according to security statistics. Several foreign diplomats were also subjected to armed robberies in this region. 

The so-called Tribes Army is a western wing of Dignity Operation led by rogue Gen. Khalifa Haftar.