The Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Authority in Tripoli issued an ordinance banning a number of Salafi-Madkhali-affiliated preachers, called after their fellowship of sheikh Rabee Al-Madkhali, from standing on mosques’ minbars and delivering preaching or religious lectures without obtaining a permit.

Eleven preachers were named on the Awqaf’s list, including Majdi Hafala, Tariq Derman, Mohammed Al-Anqar and others.

“All the books and letters that were not authorized by the Awqaf will be taken out of mosques.” Added the ordinance.

Sources from the Tripoli Awqaf reaffirmed that the decision aims at unifying the religious subject matter in Libya, disallowing anyone to use mosques in order to promote religious speeches implying extremism or radicalism.

This comes after a number of figures from the Special Deterrent Force, who are known to be followers of Salafi-Madkhali ideology, were accused of killing the member of the Fatwa House’s Islamic Research and Studies Council, Nadir Al-Omrani in a confession video full of accusations toward Salafi leaders.