An uneasy calm has descended on the streets and blocks where fierce clashes between armed brigades took place in Tripoli over the last two days.

Tripoli clashes began on Thursday afternoon and stopped on Friday evening after successful mediation efforts among the clashing armed groups. The mediation was conducted by security leaders and political activists as well as a number of Tripoli and neighboring districts’ elders.

The mediation resulted in an agreement that obliged the two armed groups in Al-Nser Park in Bab Benghashir area to leave and then hand the location to the Presidential Security Personnel of the Salvation Government before it goes under the control of Youth and Sports Ministry later.

Normal living conditions have characterized Tripoli streets on Saturday after two days of street fight and clashes.

The clashes on Thursday and Friday took palace near Guest Places Premises and Abu Salim areas in the center of the capital, killing and injuring a number of the fighters of the clashing armed forces, besides blocking the roads leading to the Guest Palaces Premises area opposite to the Hadba Hospital and Al-Itihad Club.

Aftermath of Clashes