Tripoli is kidnapped and we are trying to get it back, claims PC member, Al-Mijibri

Tripoli is kidnapped and we are trying to get it back, claims PC member, Al-Mijibri

February 20, 2016 - 22:13
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Head of UN-imposed government, Fayez Al-Sirraj, presented earlier Saturday the new cabinet formation in Tobruk parliament headquarters in Tobruk city; however, the session was disrupted and hence suspended to Sunday due to deliberate noise by some of the MPs, who even attacked the PC members and accused them of being members of Muslim Brotherhood Group, urging them to resign

In response to the accusations thrown at them, some of the PC members accused a number of Tobruk MPs of demanding political bribery from some of the PC members so that their relatives can be nominated for certain ministerial portfolios in the new cabinet in exchange for their support.

“Ali Al-Gotrani threatened me of not returning to Cyrenaica if I do not remove the name of AlMahdi Al-Burghathi as a defense Minister.” PC member, Fathi Al-Mijibri, revealed.

Al-Sirraj presented his new cabinet to Tobruk parliament members and defended his selections, after that he talked about the security measures being prepared to enter Tripoli with the new government and start operating from there.

“Tripoli is kidnapped by terrorist powers and we will do our best to liberate it from them, then the new government is going to move to Tripoli backed by national and international parties.” Said Fathi Al-Mijibri, a member of the PC, adding that if the new government felt unable to operate from Tripoli, it will work from another city as it tries to set the capital free.

Al-Mijibri’s statements are expected to spark furious reactions, especially from the brigades that support Skhirat agreement and oppose Khalifa Hafter with his militias, which Al-Mijibri called “national army”, in addition to the reactions of the rest of the PC members who refused to go to Tobruk describing it as unsafe, bearing in mind that saying Tripoli is kidnapped might be the final nail in Serraj government’s coffin.