Tripoli Protection Force has called on the heads and members of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission to explain the reasons behind the delay of implementing the points of agreement that was signed last September in Sirte.

The Tripoli Protection Force said in a statement Saturday that it found the delay very strange, saying it was intentional that the military talks outcomes of the Sirte meeting weren't being implemented.

"We were very glad to see the ceasefire agreement signed and the 5+5 Joint Military Commission meet and come up with 10 vital points of agreement. Yet, not a single government point has been implemented." Tripoli Protection Force said.

It also wondered if the intentional delay was driven by an agenda, saying the points of agreement were very clear and all Libyan parties as well as people were satisfied with them.

"If the most important point, which was forming a joint military force by the committee of withdrawing forces from the lines of contact, was implemented, no conflict would have taken place. The joint force would have reopened and secured roads, take away heavy weapons from the cities and deport all mercenaries. The fate of Libyans lies in the hands of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission." The statement reads.